About Us

SINCE 1979

Founded in 1979, Everest A.Ş. has become one of the important companies in the sector in such a short time with its perfectionist structure and most appropriate solutions to the demands of its customers.
Today we proudly say that the Doğa Group of Companies, which are all successful leaders in their own sectors, were once initiated by Everest A.Ş. In this light of responsibility and consciousness, we are serving with a wide range of innovative products and strong stock-making for the needs of the constantly evolving and changing industry.


Better and comfortable living spaces… Our mission is to provide the end users with the most contemporary and innovative solutions in the furniture sector easily by providing the most suitable conditions and uninterrupted stock support for all kinds of materials from the hand tools to the furniture sector to the cutting tools and accessories. In short, we provide better quality storage and living spaces in all living areas where furniture is used.


Providing furniture sector with quality and diversity in the most favourable conditions, to support the creation of better quality and comfortable living spaces that end users can safely use.


With a half-century of experience, Doğa Şehircilik, which is one of the strongest companies in the sector, that has signed innovative projects and known for its trust and quality. Doğa Şehircilik continues to work with its second generation executives in order to develop more dynamic and stronger projects.

By implementing perfect quality understanding in its projects, Doğa Şehircilik proves that the value to human life and nature is certainly given in it’s best possible way. While aiming to give the value that the world we live in deserves, Doğa Şehircilik has made many historical buildings with successful restorations, continues to pay attention to social responsibility projects and to add collective value.



Since 1996, Doga Tekstil has been producing in the field of knitted fabric of the textile sector and has been operating in a covered area of 7.000 m2 in Doğa Plaza, Bayrampaşa, which has its own place.

As one of the most important suppliers of large garment companies exporting to world brands since its inception, Doğa Tekstil is one of the indispensable parts of the sector with the strength it has gained from this success.

With it’s 42 pieces of Mayer and Pilotelli branded advanced technology machine, 19 tonne per day and 500 tonne per month of dyed and raw fabric is being produced.



Doğa Etiket ve Ambalaj San. And Tic. Inc., was established in 1997 with the aim of producing self adhesive labels in European standards. Nowadays, with its 115 employees, all kinds of Self Adhesive Label, Shrink Sleeve, Flexible Spiral Label, Carton Label, Lamine Tube and IML are being produced in the factory with 13000m² closed area and in international standards. Doğa Etiket has ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 140001, ISO 18001 standards, and as a company that is sensitive to the environment, cares about the health and safety of its employees, and takes care to produce with sustainable resources.

Doğa Etiket is capable of UV Flexo, UV Letterpress, UV Serigraphy, Hot Stamping, Cold Stamping, Rotogravure, Ink Jet and Digital Offset printing techniques. Company makes use of these techniques either individually or in combination with the highest quality. Doğa Etiket is one of those rare companies in the region which can produce high quality Film, cliché, digital cliché, HD cliché, cold gilder mold and silk screen silk.